A Little About Me

Hi I’m Geraldine Ahern

I am an energy worker in Kerry. I’ve always had a keen interest and fascination in Crystals and the Fairy Kingdom from a very young age. My journey with energy healing began in 2005 when I attended a Reiki Master for issues with fertility. When I then became pregnant with my son a year later, I began to educate myself more in other holistic therapies and trained in Reiki many years later. My own journey through depression, fibromyalgia and endometriosis led me to becoming a Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist and healing these issues I had in my own life. I now offer Reiki treatments, as well as teach Reiki and Crystal Courses in Kerry. I’ve always had a huge respect for the Goddess and Divine Feminine energies and love connecting with others who share a love for her. So through my work with both Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine, I also facilitate a Womens Moon Circle once a month at Aloha House which holds the perfect space for us to work from. Once a month we gather in Sacred Circle to honour our femininity and to support one and another in a confidential and sacred space. I also facilitate a weekly Sacred Sound Bath to work through the Chakras. As a trained practitioner in Rebirthing Breathwork, and also offer rebirthing sessions to those who may be struggling with deep trauma and wounds of separation and abandonment. Training for Rebirthing showed me healing benefits around childhood trauma, different to what I had experienced before, with the likes of counselling and other healing modalities. It allowed me to go far deeper, in terms of understanding & acceptance which then enabled me to detach from old emotional connections that no longer served me.

Wishing you love and blessings on your own journey.

Geraldine x

My qualifications;

Reiki Master
Crystal Therapist
Rebirthing Therapist with Divine Breathwork
Sound Healing
Moon Mnà Facilitator with Karen Ward
Cacao Ceremonialist with Annu Tara


Co. Kerry

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