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A Little About Me

Geraldine Ahern

Hi I’m Geraldine Ahern

Thank you for taking the time to check out my website and for connecting with me.I will share a little about myself and my life so you might get a feel for what I’m about or who I am.
My journey on this path began in 2005 when I attended a Reiki Master for issues with fertility. Having had a very challenging and traumatic childhood and life ,there were many issues to be addressed that began to come to the surface around this time. When I then became pregnant with my son a year later, I began to educate myself more in other holistic therapies and trained in Reiki after a while. My own journey through depression, fibromyalgia and endometriosis, sepsis and endocarditis and much more led me to becoming a Reiki practitioner and Crystal Therapist and through practicing and receiving Reiki I began to heal these issues I had in my own life. It took many years of rising and falling, pain and suffering, losses and gains but also love and joy before I began to surrender and let go of the past .It also took me on a very beautiful but painful journey through what is known as the Underworld to retrieve the lost parts of my soul and to face my shadow self. It was during this time I was challenged with a series of serious health issues and also a few near-death experiences. Yet I continued down the path of self-discovery and healing.
I continued training in various modalities over the years and each one removed another layer of hurt and pain and helped to expand my awareness and develop my intuition. From here I began to teach Reiki and facilitate workshops, sound baths, women’s circles, Reiki shares and crystal workshops. All of these were huge stepping stones but it was when i began my Rebirthing journey I left all of this behind to focus fully on breathwork and to dedicate my main practice to that.
My Journey through healing my own wounding unearthed many layers of deep trauma held within my body and soul and I found Rebirthing Breathwork to be a really great help in moving through all of that so much so I trained as a Rebirthing Therapist myself and gained a really great understanding of how trauma in particular from childhood can hold us back and limit us through unhealthy patterns and unconscious limited beliefs within. Some of these traumas can with us from when we were in the womb and we can build a life on a lot of these unpleasant memories carried forth from birth. I now offer rebirthing sessions to those who may be struggling with deep trauma and wounds of separation and abandonment. Training for Rebirthing showed me healing benefits around childhood trauma, different to what I had experienced before, with the likes of counselling and other healing modalities. It allowed me to go far deeper, in terms of understanding & acceptance which then enabled me to detach from old emotional connections that no longer served me. It set me free. I also have a great love for Keening and found this a great tool in my own healing.
I have 3 children, one who is autistic and my greatest teacher. Autism led me to also train in Access Bars and I found it really helped her.
My new found love is cold water swimming and I swim almost every day regardless of the weather. Its my personal therapy!

  • I hold a weekly women’s circle online and during Summer months outdoors in nature.
  • I offer Rebirthing Sessions Online or at my beautiful studio Kingdom Holistic Hub here in Killorglin.
  • I also offer private Reiki trainings in Reiki1,2 Masters and Grandmasters as well as Mary Magdalene Reiki and Holy Fire Reiki.
  • I facilitate Cacao Ceremonies and Facilitator Trainings
  • I facilitate Keening Circles.
  • I run retreats with my wonderful partner and fellow Rebirther, Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner

So that’s me!!!

Wishing you love and blessings on your own journey.

Geraldine x

My qualifications;
Reiki  Grand Master & Teacher
Crystal Therapist
Rebirthing Therapist with Divine Breathwork
Sound Healing
Rahanni Celestial Healing
Access Bars/Access Consciousness
Mary Magdalene Reiki
Moon Mnà Facilitator with Karen Ward
Cacao Ceremonialist with Annu Tara


Kingdom Holistic Hub
13 Mill Road
Co. Kerry