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Classes and Workshops

We run a variety of classes and workshops throughout the year

Weekly Meditation and Sound Baths

Due to the current pandemic there are no classes held but on occasion in good weather they are held outdoors so if you would like to be notified of upcoming classes or events please sign up for the newsletter

Monthly Rebirthing Programme

The current Rebirthing Breathwork Programme every monday from September to May. Individuals take part just 1 Monday a month. Find out more about what it involves here

Weekly Reiki Circle

Every Thursdays between 7.30-10.00pm we meet for Reiki/Rahanni& Access Bars Share . We start the  evening with a guided meditation connecting with the angels, ascended masters and guides.  We then offer a Reiki/Rahanni or Access Bars share where individuals can offer one another a chosen treatment. This is followed by intimate food share and spiritual chat to deepen our wisdom and learning. If you wish to attend but do not have any reiki training you are welcome to receive and offer another healing modality, just get in touch. Cost €20.


Kingdom Holistic Hub
13 Mill Road
Co. Kerry