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Fire Spirit (Holy Fire)

Fire Spirit (Holy Fire)

This healing energy, Reiki Fire Spirit, is from the highest vibration, coming from The Holy Spirit, through The Christ Consciousness, opening us and calling us to do everything in the name of Jesus Christ, bringing unconditional Love and Light to whoever desires. For the Attunement, we have to open our hearts to Jesus and accept Him as our Lord and Saviour, and ask that the Flame of the Holy Spirit stays in our hearts, and through this, we can manifest the wonderful power of the Love of Jesus. As new practitioners, it is not just an attunement that we are receiving. We are receiving Spiritual Baptism with the Fire of The Holy Spirit that lies in our hearts, fulfilling our lives, healing our physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual body and bringing us to a higher level of Spiritual evolution. This Reiki Fire Spirit makes us Light Warriors, giving us the tools to face the issues that present themselves to us daily. As Light Warriors, we will receive the armour of Holy Spirit, and as brothers and sisters, we get stronger in the Lord Jesus, with His strength and power. This system strengthens us against evil as we Spiritually fight against lower energies. The armour of Jesus Christ enables us to resist these lower energies and survive strongly. We stand firmly, shoulder to shoulder with the truth, with justice and with Angelic peace. We take the helmet of Salvation and the sword of The Holy Spirit, as we get attuned with the power of the healing of Jesus Christ through His unconditional Love, opening and strengthening our channel for healing. There are three sacred symbols for use in this healing modality, all connected with the Heart of Jesus and with Holy Spirit. The first symbol, the ‘Heart of Jesus’, is used for attunements, and, coming on the vibration of the Holy Spirit, calls on the Spirit of God to descend and live in our hearts. The second symbol incorporates the ‘Cross of Jesus’ and the Infinity sign and is for healing in presence or distance, invoking the power, Light and Love of Jesus Christ. The third symbol also incorporates the ‘Cross of Jesus’ and is for protection, to be used to end the Reiki session or when you start your day. A truly amazing, wonderful and magnificent healing energy!

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