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Geraldine Ahern

We can only heal ourselves through a committed process. Geraldine Ahern provides the guidance, facilitation, & tools together with a safe, trusted space for individuals to experience their own healing process & personal transformation through spiritual practice.

Throughout the whole year, I provide a range of private sessions, women’s groups, workshops and classes across a variety of spiritual practices

The Healing Sanctuary

Healing sessions and classes, sound & crystal therapy, meditation and more

Rebirthing Breathwork

is a powerful & transformative breathing technique for deep healing…

Women's Moon Circles

Working with the cycles of the Moon,we gather once a month to celebrate ourselves.

Cacao & Trance Dance

I offer Cacao ceremonies during the year combining it with dance.

Reiki Treatments & Training

We provide both private Reiki Healing & Training up to Master Level

Classes and Workshops

We have weekly, monthly and online classes available for adults and children.

Online Moon Circles

If you can’t make our monthly Women’s Moon Circle sessions, feel free to join a community of like-minded women and still be part of the experience online.

What our clients say…

Madeline, Castleisland

I am attending Geraldine’s classes with the last two years and it’s beautiful to look back and see how much of a positive affect her sound baths have had on my life. The sound baths are not just relaxing they helped me to identify with emotions that needed to be addressed and cleared. Geraldine is a fantastic facilitator and goes over and beyond for her clients.

Vicky, Killarney

Can highly recommend the Healing Sanctuary, I have received one to one sessions from Geraldine and they are amazing, I also attend the meditation classes – sound healing and drumming journeys and the monthly moon circles. Geraldine has a very special presence and healing that flows through her, any of the circles she holds are very special and safe and sacred spaces. The intuitive knowledge that she holds and the way she holds space for people in such a gentle and caring way to facilitate for healing, she is always there for support also for any issues that arise during the sessions. Geraldine is extremely sensitive and highly empathic and in tune with anyone she works with and this comes across in all areas where she works. Geraldine is a true shining star bringing her gifts and light to the world.

Roimata, Killorglin

My spiritual journey has accelerated since moving to Killorglin and attending circles facilitated/guided by Geraldine. She has opened up my mind and heart with the sacral healing bowls, shamanic drum journeys, moon circles and for me the most powerful, rebirthing breath work. The space she creates is one of inclusiveness and trust and I am grateful that this space has allowed me to explore my own knowing and gain my own insights to help me move forward. I came to the healing sanctuary with a heavy heart and I have left feeling connected, lighter and brighter each time.

Majella, Killorglin

Children love crystals. This is a fun environment where kids can explore their emotions and talk about them.  Emotions can be confusing for children. Since going to workshops the girls are more open to talking about how they feel and love the magical element of crystals. Exploring mediation is also great for the girls. It has helped them so much and opened their minds. Highly recommend the workshops as Geraldine is amazing with the kids

Sarah, Caragh Lake

Like all of her work Geraldine Takes Crystal therapy very seriously. I am in awe of Her knowledge and passion for crystals . I have been very lucky to attend several workshops with Geraldine and receive beautiful treatments where she uses her amazing collection of high vibration crystals .she has worked on me by removing energy blocks and easing physical pain that have been holding me back. Geraldine, her energy her care and devotion to the Divine feminine have had a vital roll in my healing journey to date. I am forever greatful to Geraldine for the work she does to help people like me get to the core of our wounds so that we can process them and let them go in order for us to become who we are really meant to be in mind body and spirit.

Emma, Killorglin

I have had many Reiki Healing Sessions with Geraldine, as I knew that I had many emotional blocks that I needed to addressed. Whilst the process was extremely difficult to begin with, as these emotions surfaced, I was committed to the process but also Geraldine helped me to understand what was occuring in a way I could understand. Healing is not easy, blocks have to surface, they don’t just vanish. I can’t recommend Geraldine enough and have since taken part in many of her women’s groups, meditation classes and rebirthing sessions.

Fiona, Kerry

Before rebirthing you are a closed rose bud. Within that rose bud you are holding all unnecessary pain and trauma from past and current life situations or dramas, you are afraid to open and bloom. Geraldine is the expert compassionate deeply intuitive gardener who knows what it takes to help this rose bud release all the layers of hurt and pain that she has been carrying for lifetimes and to gently open up to life, petal by petal and fully bloom into the magnificent rose that one really is…
…I would highly recommend Geraldine and this rebithing course if you are ready to throw off all that no longer serves you and open up to life and fully bloom.

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