Online Womens Circles


An Online Gathering amidst Covid-19


A beautiful Online Gathering for women who are connected to the energy of Mary Magdalene and Jesua.This circle was especially created for the Covid-19 pandemic when so many of us are in isolation and has become a wonderful meditation class each Thursday Night for us all.We work with nature through intimate ritual by creating a prayer bundle each week.As uncomfortable feelings and emotions arise within us between each class,we try to witness,acknowledge and honour what presenting itself from a place of compassion and source items in nature such as fallen leaves,flowers,tree bark to represent those feelings.We also find items such as seeds and buds to represent new life in the spaces that we are clearing and integrating.When we come together online,and lighting our candle and inhaling essential oils of our choice, we enter into deep meditation with Mary Magdalene and Jesua and invoke the Holy Spirit through our breath into our hearts and anchor that energy to the Earth and the grid lines.We stand within the White Flame Of Purity and Innocence and allow whats no longer serving our highest and greatest good to be transmuted within the flames and emerge lighter,more focused and creative.We then create our prayer bundle by drizzling honey onto some paper and adding to that what we have collected each week.After tying our little bundles we burn or bury them offering prayers for the Earth and for humanity.We finish by dancing,shaking and grounding ourselves back into our bodies and then finish by having a card pulled from Mother Marys Deck.A message and guided meditation from the card is then sent to everyone afterwards to work on at their own pace each week.This is a truly intimate and sacred gathering and so honoured by every woman that takes part.

For those who cant make it at the time but want to take part,they just purchase their ticket and are included in the energy of the circle.The recorded meeting is sent after to them and a card and message is chosen for them.This meditation can then be done in their own time during the week.

Each meeting is created via Zoom.

On Receipt of Payment a link is sent each week.

Online Moon Circles

A women’s circle is a meeting of women who come together to connect, share and tap into a deeper part of themselves, in a ‘safe space’. Activities can vary according to the monthly theme, but overall it is a space to rediscover, nourish, awaken and restore the feminine spirit within. The circle facilitates an opportunity for women to reclaim their power and innate wisdom which can be grown as a result of women coming, sitting, listening and sharing together and also through ceremony and / or ritual.
The full moon is a very powerful time of the month. Our intuition, receptivity and sensitivity to higher energies are heightened, which means we can weave into the radiant frequencies ourselves, our intentions and the world. The Full Moon’s energy also re-charges, gives us clarity and deepens our self-understanding and can even show us things we have yet to see for ourselves.
If you also feel called by the Goddess and yearn to deepen your connection with the Divine Feminine energy, our beautiful sacred land and our ancestors then these circles will also offer you a safe and sacred space to explore that journey. We work with the cycles of the Moon, we gather once a month to celebrate ourselves as women and the lineage we came from. We work with the Earth, The Celtic Goddesses and Gods to bring healing to ourselves and to also heal within us deep ancestral wounds carried in our DnA.
We hold circle once a month in both Killorglin & Tralee and each month we connect with a different theme. Each circle lasts around 3.5 hours.