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Rebirthing Breathwork Kerry

Rebirthing Breathwork Kerry

Rebirthing is a therapeutic, powerful and transformative breathing technique which uses the breath. By lying down, closing your eyes and following a specific breathing pattern, your mind gradually enters a subtly different state of consciousness. Within this state the release of physical and emotional tension happens naturally and allows us to become aware of the suppressed negativity that underlines our behaviour and life choices. Understanding and releasing mental & emotional patterns that feed our negativity are the essential condition for re-connecting to our true nature, opening a space for deep cleansing at all levels and enabling the deep healing of those patterns to take place.

Rebirthing can also work where other therapies have failed to make much difference. This is because you enter a slightly altered state of consciousness, where the level of mental control we exert on ourselves is lower. It’s also great just to help you have a period of relaxation and release whenever you have a hour or two to spare.

Private Rebirthing session

I offer private rebirthing breathwork sessions which take approx 2 and half hours.
To find out more about a private session or the group programme please contact us here


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