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The Healing Sanctuary

healing sessions and classes to lift & heal the mind, body & soul

The Healing Sanctuary offers various healing sessions and classes, from sound & crystal therapy, to meditation, spiritual mentoring and more.

Spiritual Mentoring

When you embark on the path of personal transformation through spiritual practice, it can at times seem daunting to understand the shifts occurring both mentally and physically. We provide individual tailored sessions to assist you on your path to self-discovery & healing. We’ll provide guidance in your awakening of your own innate codes held within your own consciousness and DNA. We’ll help connect you with the path of the Priestess and the Goddess/Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine to bring about balance and assist you to heal ancestral wounds within yourself and your lineage.

Crystal Camp for Kids

Crystal Camp for Kids are workshops for children who have a love for crystals and want to explore the world of magic and fairies. These workshops are held a couple of times a year. During the sessions, we explore together their Spirit Animal, Nature, Crystals, emotions and much more using crystals and Sound Therapy.


Kingdom Holistic Hub
13 Mill Road
Co. Kerry