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Mary Magdalene Reiki is the most recent of the newer healing modalities to be channeled. Mary
Magdalene’s energy is very different from the energy of Mother Mary in that while Mother Mary energy is
very calm and soothing, Mary Magdalene’s energy is very up-beat, very feisty, and almost urgent, as if she is
saying: ‘Let’s go! Let’s do this! Come on!’ Almost as if she is rallying the troops for a great mission!
Mary Magdalene Reiki has been channeled by Alessandra Rossin, Reiki Master teacher, Bienestar Ibiza, Santa
Eulalia, Ibiza. It is a healing technique that has been born from the merging of many seminars made in the
last 20 years. Very simple and uncomplicated, Mary Magdalene Reiki is a truly beautiful healing modality.
Mary Magdalene’s time has indeed come! Her story is being made known across the world, her real role in the
life of Jesus is being revealed bit by bit. She was NOT the prostitute, the sinner or the woman possessed by
seven demons that the early Christian Church fathers made her out to be. She was the Spiritual partner of
Jesus, his Spiritual equal and the one most capable of carrying on his teachings after the Crucifixion. She was
the ‘apostle to the apostles’, the one who explained Jesus’ teachings to the others, who very often failed to get the
meaning of his words.
She was a victim of her times, a woman in a male-dominated, patriarchal society, holding her own against all
the odds, castigated by a misogynistic so-called Christian Church simply because she was a woman, and a
powerful woman. She was not to be tolerated simply because she was the sexual partner of their celibate,
divine, supernatural son of a supernatural god, the person they named as Jesus, but known to the disciples
and to Mary Magdalene as Yeshua.
Mary Magdalene represents the Divine Feminine, in perfect balance with Yeshua, the perfect balance
between the feminine energy and the masculine energy.
Our world is so troubled right now because the masculine energy has been allowed to dominate for the last
2,000 years and more, creating an unbalanced world where war, aggression and violence are constant.
It is now time to restore the feminine energy to equal status with the masculine energy, each complementing
the other, bringing a new glorious dawn, a new age, where people live in peace and harmony in the totality of
Father/Mother God, and not in the limitation of a punishing, vengeful male God somewhere up in the
clouds beyond the earth plane.
It is time for each of us to balance the feminine and masculine within each of us, reflecting the balance of
Father/Mother God throughout all creation, and to experience the joy and unlimited potentiality of living in
the fullness of the totality rather than existing in the limitation of either just one or the other.
There is only one symbol in Mary Magdalene Reiki and that is the Cross. The vertical line in the cross
represents the masculine and the horizontal line represents the feminine. They are both equal.
Mary Magdalene’s colours are crimson and gold, and her flower is the rose. We see the word ROSE
encapsulated in the anagram with the word EROS, the Greek god of sexual attraction. From ancient times,
the rose has been depicted at the heart of a cross. A deep and profound mystery lies in the image of the rose
that blooms at the heart of the cross. The rose is fathomless in its beauty and in its meaning. A flower of
great, mesmerising beauty and intoxicating fragrance, it is the symbol of Mary Magdalene.
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